Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 22.41.40.pngOur workshop on deconstruction was an interesting one – as it really made me think deeper about the context of information, as well as the perspective of the audience and how these adjust according to each individual.

We split then split into groups to deconstruct the image on the left. As we analysed the image using denotative and connotative terms – we began to unpick the essence of the piece and tried to understand the meaning behind the painting.

As there was no blurb to go alongside the image; it was totally up for interpretation, as we started to pull this image apart – we felt like it was highlighting a few things including; natures imprisonment within man-made structures.

Our task was to represent this image back in a way of our own, but to showcase the meaning that we felt it meant.  The below image is what we created: Screen Shot 2016-10-26 at 19.38.01.png

The extract is from a gardener, who writes about the growth of a bean – we used this to signify nature in its simplest form. Twitter was then added to highlight the man made nature of the original image – the 140 characters to express the constraint.

We then showed this to another group, who tried to work out our meaning from this. Who didn’t quite manage to fix upon what we conceived as the message. They transfixed their attention onto the author of the tweet. Which came back as really interesting feedback, as we deemed it wasn’t of importance who tweeted – it was the content and the more abstract meanings.


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