FoSR: Pin Up

My field of study report is going to be based on the brand and consumer relationship. I plan to distinguish the hierarchy and mechanics of the some what manipulative relationship between brands and their consumers. Through either chance – or well formulated theoretical planning, a number of modern day brands are able to trigger an intense emotional engagements, resulting in brand marriage.

How do top brands establish such an intense consumer relationship? One of Adolf Hitler’s rules for successful propaganda was to “captivate emotion”. A theory which drove him to power, and many other influential brands today to be dominant within their market sectors. I am setting out to determine what the psychological drivers are in place to establish this connection. Creating such a loyal and timeless relationship cannot happen over night, so how do brands keep up an everlasting brand image?

When I think of a platform designers work with I think of Mac. When I think of bottled water I want to buy, I think of Smart Water. How are these brands within my subconscious? I don’t consciously think about the brand of water I want to buy, I just pick it up, without a second thought. The second part of this project is to determine how we have become subconsciously programmed to recognise and act on brands or products. Be it through experience, advertisements or word of mouth. We all have preconceived brands within our minds for particular areas of life. This project will learn about the psychological drivers which are put in place over lifetimes to project brand image into consumers subconscious.

Consumers are the ones who experience products or services, resulting in feedback, word of mouth, online conversation etc. A negative, or positive experience will alter the consumers perception of a brand. On a mass scale if hundreds of thousands of consumers had a negative experience with a product from a company – it would negatively reflect on their brand image. Proving extremely challenging to create a positive second impression. The way in which consumers react carries huge implications for a brand, resulting in a large part to play within the perceptions of a brand and consumer relationship. The final part of this project is to uncover how influential and consumers really are?

My pin up explains my aims for the project, and what I can get from it. Places to look at and examples of my Primary and secondary research from over the week. This exercise was challenging to communicate the essence of your project in only five pages.



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